Trisha A. Broadwater

Director of Operations

RS 360796

trisha.broadwater@hardyworld.bizMeet me!

Trisha is a graduate of Garrett College with an Associate’s Degree in Business Management. To her educational background, she has added more than two decades of practical administrative experience, 20 of them at the highest level of a five-star resort, where she applied her ability to oversee multiple facets of resort administration. As an efficient member of the administrative staff of Nemacolin Woodlands and of Hardy family’s private and public enterprises, Trisha has earned respect for her capabilities at carrying out tasks at hand. Now serving as Founder Assistant, she applies her energy to the multitasking business of achieving success for Hardy World, a company led by one of the nation’s premier entrepreneurs. Trisha is extremely eager to bring her passion, business knowledge, and experience in hospitality and world-class service to serve both Hardy World and its present and future clients.